Are you looking for the very best possible deal on van leasing? We can offer the greatest deal on brand new van leasing that you’re looking for!

Why Use A Van Lease Deal?

A Brand New Van

When you lease a van from us you get to drive away in a van straight from the production line. You’ll have no concerns about any mechanical issues or have to deal with time-consuming negotiations over the price of a van.


Fixed Monthly Payments

You’ll agree a fixed cost per month for your leased van with us. This allows you to plan your businesses outgoings accurately over the lifetime of your vans lease. The monthly prices will also cover extras such as road tax and your warranty.

The Right Van For You

You can select a van with exactly the right specifications for you and your business. Need a 4×4 Tipper with parking assist and cruise control? No problem! Just let us know exactly what you need and we will put together a lease deal to meet your needs.

Unmatched Technical Support

Leasing a van from Aquila Truck Centres means you get access to servicing from our highly skilled staff across a number of depots. Add into this an unlimited mileage warranty, you won’t find a better support package for a van lease anywhere.

With Aquila Truck Centres you can lease an MAN TGE van from us. Pass the huge problem of vehicle depreciation and road tax onto us and enjoy hassle-free motoring for the lifetime of your van lease from us.

The Vans we offer on lease are brand new and can be configured to meet your needs. If you are looking for a specific size of van, then we can find the van that will meet your needs. The MAN TGE comes in a variety of models, including Tipper, Dropside, Panel and Luton variations. Whatever your business is looking for in a van lease, we are more than likely able to provide the van that you need.

Leasing an MAN TGE from us is one of the easiest ways to acquire brand new vehicles for your fleet, or is the first step in realising your own business dreams by operating your first van. Whatever your plans are for when getting a van leasing deal with us, we will work with you to make them happen.

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Get A Van Leasing Quote Today.

To get a Quote for leasing the MAN TGE van from Aquila Truck Centres, simply fill in the form below. Our team will then put together a quote, free of charge, based on the van leasing deal which best suits your van leasing needs and will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

We can discuss extras that you may require and prepare a free, no-obligation second quote for van leasing deals if required. This will include the deposit required and the cost per month.

If you’d rather talk to somebody on the phone, you can call us on 0800 066 5884 to discuss your brand new van.

Please Note: As part of the MAN Network, there may be TGE dealers closer to your location who will be able to provide greater assistance to you than Aquila Truck Centres. Our depots are based in Gloucester, Tamworth, Telford, Tipton, West Brom & Worcester. If you are outside of these areas we suggest you check the MAN Dealer Locator to find the best Dealer to assist your enquiry.

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Why Lease The MAN TGE?

The award-winning MAN TGE is an excellent 3.5T Van, with the option of increasing the capacity up to 5T. The van comes with a load capacity between 9.9m³ and 18.4m³, depending on your needs.

MAN are a leading Truck Manufacturer and have now turned their expertise to becoming van manufacturers. In terms of commercial vehicles, there’s no better choice than MAN.

The MAN TGE has all the class of a German built van that you would expect and is a very smooth ride.  The TGE has the safety of the operator high on the agenda. As standard the van has Dual Bluetooth connectivity, Emergency brake assist, Cross wind assist, cruise control and Hill start assist. There are also options of Active lane assist, Sidewall protection assist, Trailer assist, Park steer assist and Manoeuvre assist.

The TGE also comes with a full commercial package back up with an emphasis on keeping you and your successful business on the road. This includes access to 24/7 Servicing for the van, enabling you to schedule maintenance for your van around times to suit you and your business. You won’t have sacrifice business opportunities to keep your van in the best possible condition.

Leasing a MAN TGE van from us also comes with an unlimited mileage warranty, so however many miles you cover in your leased van, you can rest assured that any problems with the van will be promptly attended to by fully trained staff that will get your van back on the road as quickly as possible. With the MAN TGE famed for its reliability, we can assure you this will be a very rare occurrence!

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Why Lease A Van From Aquila Truck Centres?

At Aquila Truck Centres we pride ourselves on forging great relationships with our clients. Our dedicated van leasing specialists will seek to learn all about you and your business so we can offer you the very best van lease deal possible. We know that every business is different and taking the time to really understand what you need can pay huge dividends for your company in years to come.

We also offer the best technical support for leased vans around today. We have a number of depots which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you do high mileages in a lease van, and even if you don’t, servicing and repairs to the vehicle will be another important consideration. With Aquila Truck Centres, we ensure that it’s a consideration that’s taken care of for you. Our 24/7 depots allow for round the clock servicing and means you can bring your van to us at a time to suit you. All of our staff are trained to the very highest standard and we only use genuine MAN parts for any repairs needed.

You aren’t simply a customer with Aquila Truck Centres, you are a partner that we will endeavour to help in every way possible.


Why Use Finance Lease For Van Leasing?

A lease van can be the ideal pick up for any business. Lease deals give you the following amazing benefits:

  • Tax-efficient vehicle acquisition.
  • Finance Lease deals allow you to acquire a new MAN TGE van in a tax-efficient way which avoids you drawing on your company’s capital reserves.
  • Through this product, you can benefit from writing down allowances, which is reflected in our competitive rates per month.
  • Payments per month can be tailored to suit your business cash flow and there is no large upfront deposit to make, just a small initial sum followed by the monthly instalments.



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Our Finance Partners for Van Leasing.

MAN Financial Services UK supports customers of MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd through competitive and highly efficient finance, leasing and insurance solutions.
MAN Financial Services is part of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Europe’s largest automobile financial services provider, and therefore, a company in the Volkswagen group.
Aquila Truck Centres act as a broker not a lender.