When our Isuzu Sales Manager, Garry Jones, had a need to remove a dead tree from his garden, little did he know it would result in acquiring a new client for us at Aquila Truck Centres. The firm Garry reached out to was Tonks Brothers Tree Services, based in Burtonwood.  Tonks Brothers Tree Services is able to offer extensive tree work, hedge cutting and stump grinding services to both private and commercial tree owners.

As part of their work Tonks have a need for specialist vehicles designed with the arboriculture industry in mind. The vehicles needed to be able to carry arboricultural waste easily, whilst also being able to transport specialist tools such as chainsaws and strimmers with ease. Finally, the vehicle also had to be capable of towing other specialist items of kit such as a wood chipper.


At Aquila Truck Centres we were able to meet Tonks’ needs with an Isuzu Grafter Green Arb Tipper. This specialist adaption of the award winning Isuzu Grafter is specially designed for the arboriculture industry, coming prebuilt with many of the features which Tonks were looking for in a vehicle. The Grafter Green Arb comes with a 3360mm Aluminium Tipping Body, perfect for a range of specialist tasks, the tipper element also making it easy to unload. The Arb Tipper also features a Tool Pod with Adjustable Internal Shelf to allow for the storage of tools when in transit. Finally, a Towbar with Ball & Pin Hitch and 7 Pin Electrics meant that Tonks would be able be to tow any additional items needed for the job up to the vehicles GTW of 7,000kg.

It wasn’t just the specialist adaptions of the Grafter which impressed Tonks. The Grafter is renowned for its robustness and reliability, meaning that as a works vehicle it will spent more time on the road than in the workshop. The compact design of the Grafter also confers advantages in terms of manoeuvrability and also allows for a greater payload to be loaded into the truck when compared to many vehicles of the same size. With improved ride and handling over previous generations of Grafters and a 6 Speed synchromesh manual transmission, it drives just as well as it meets the arboricultural industry’s needs.

The vehicle also needs to be a prudent business purchase for Tonks and yet again, many of the solutions that come with the Arb Tipper allow Tonks to keep costs down. Firstly, the Grafter doesn’t require any specialist driving licence – anyone with a full driving licence is able to drive the vehicle thanks to it’s low weight. This means there is no need to hire or pay for specialist licences to drive it on a day to day basis. The Grafter also meets Euro 6 Emission Standards, allowing it to enter Low Emission Zones without charge. This is also done without AdBlue – meaning a further saving on operating costs. The Grafter also comes with 3 Years / Unlimited Mileage Manufacturer’s Warranty, keeping the cost of maintaining the vehicle low. Finally, Tonks were able to Finance the purchase of the vehicle through a low cost hire purchase from Isuzu Finance, meaning that the cost can be evenly spread out across the vehicles working life.

We are very happy with this great deal at Aquila Truck Centres. As Garry Jones states ‘I was delighted to supply the Tonks Family with a New Isuzu for their business; many thanks to James, Jonathon and Clare for their valued business. It was particularly pleasing because I had 1st met Jonathon Tonks when employing the services of the family business to remove a Dead Tree from my garden and some Hedge Cutting some months prior to supplying this vehicle – from this early meeting the deal came about! As a footnote the Team from Tonks Brothers Tree Services did a Superb and Fully Professional Job.’

If you are currently in the market for an Arb Tipper then we strongly recommend that you look into what the Isuzu Grafter Arb Tipper can do for you? Furthermore, Aquila can offer solutions across a number of logistical issues, so why not get in contact with us today?

Tonks Brothers Branch Out To ARB Tipper