man tge service

How often do you lose time on the road due to your vans service requirements? It’s estimated by the RAC that for every hour a van is off the road being serviced it costs a SME £21 an hour, roughly equivalent to £500. That doesn’t even cover the wages for employees reliant on the van – so the actual cost can be much higher!

Thankfully, the MAN TGE comes with great uptime servicing options. There is no need to take your van off the road during prime business hours. We offer 24 hour servicing at a number of our depots, meaning that you schedule services to suit your needs. At Aquila Truck Centres we realise time is money. With our extended servicing opening hours we can now service your van while you rest, keeping you up and running when you need it most. It’s part of the amazing service that you will receive when you operate the MAN TGE.

But this isn’t just a marketing ploy, it’s something which existing customers have singled out as one of the reasons to switch across to the MAN TGE.

Keeping New Horizon Logistics On The Road.

New Horizon Logistics made the choice to switch to the MAN TGE as they looked to replace their fleet of Mercedes Sprinter vans. Built on an unbeatable combination of efficiency and reliability, New Horizons needed a van with a flexible servicing schedule which would allow them to maintain that.

It’s something that New Horizon’s Director, Craig Hutchings, looked for during his search for a new van. As Craig said ‘The reputation for reliability that we’ve earned means that our customers are counting on performance from us. We have examined the van supply market and decided that the MAN TGE, supplied by Aquila Truck Centres is perfect for us. Having had a demonstration we were delighted with its capabilities, and Aquila’s commitment to up-time meant we had every confidence in placing our order with them.’

Ready When You Are.

This commitment to uptime means we work the hours, so you can work yours. Whether you can take your van in at 9am or 9pm, we will be ready and waiting to service your van. Not going to be in the local vicinity when your van needs servicing. Thanks to Man’s extended network, there are over 65 locations nationwide where you can get your van serviced. So, if you need to use your van away from home, its’ servicing schedule will be one less worry for you.

Overall, the MAN TGE’s service offering sets the new bar in what you should expect in terms of servicing flexibility. Don’t let the schedule of others impact on you. Get in touch with our team to discover how the flexible servicing options for the MAN TGE can work wonders for your business. 

Take Advantage Of Extended Servicing Hours With The MAN TGE