Aquila Truck Centres are a DVSA Authorised Testing Facility and can carry out MOT’s on all lorries up to 44 tonnes, trailers, buses, coaches, and horseboxes. We carry out MOT Testing at all our sites and carry out tens of thousands of MOT Tests each year. With highly qualified staff and access to all the latest technology, you can be assured that we will carry out your MOT to the highest standard.

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If you own HGV’s, buses, coaches, trailers, or a horsebox, they must legally be MOT tested each year. Your first MOT test is due 12 months after the first registration of the vehicle with the DVLA, and you must renew this annually.

At Aquila Truck Centres, we can offer a wide range of solutions to ensure that the MOT process flows smoothly for our customers and that we ensure a high pass rate thanks to our expert advice and know-how.

Our fully equipped DVSA Authorised Testing Facility provides for:

•Annual Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) MOT Test

•Annual Trailer MOT Test

•Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) MOT Re-Test

•Trailer MOT Re-Test

•Trailer MOT First Test

•Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Annual MOT Test (up to 22 seats and over 23 seats tested)

•Public Service Vehicle (PSV) MOT Re-Test

•PG9 Prohibition removals

•Reduced Pollution Certification (RPC)

•Low Emissions Certificate (LEC)

•Voluntary Brake Test

•Voluntary Headlamp Aim check

•Voluntary Smoke Test


To ensure your MOT goes smoothly, we can also offer:

MOT Preparation

Having a vehicle off the road due to An MOT failure can cost your business both time and money, as well as being ultimately frustrating. We can prepare your vehicle for its MOT test, saving you both time and money.

MOT Repairs

Should your vehicle fails it’s MOT, we can carry out all the repairs needed to make your vehicle roadworthy and legal for another 12 months, then re-test it for you and issue you with a valid MOT certificate.