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When you need a van that can carry more than the standard three passengers, then you need the Crew Cab Vans built on the exceptional MAN TGE model. It’s simple, The bigger your team, the faster you can get the job done. The rear bench seat in the crew cab van offers plenty of room for four additional passengers. When combined with the standard three seats, it means that you can carry six passengers and the driver in a single van. Combine this with the ability to add up to a further 3100kgs in payload and you will see these crew vans are highly efficient for businesses. 

The TGE is quickly becoming one of the most popular vans for sale on the market today. With amazing reliability and a level of aftersale services rarely seen in the van market, the TGE is the van for business.

Crew Cab Van Configurations.

crew cabs configuration

The MAN TGE crew vans can be configured in a number of ways to serve your business needs. Crew cabs are available with Front, Rear or All-Wheel Drive and 3640mm or 4490mm wheelbases. The crew vans can be supplied with 8 speed automatic transmission or 6 speed manual transmissions depending on the style of driving you will be undertaking with your vans. The Front and All Wheel Drive variations of the crew cab van can carry a Gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes, whilst the rear wheel version of the crew van is able to carry up to 5.5 tonnes. Whatever you are using the crew van for, we are sure we will be able to put together a build that satisfies your purposes.

Crew Vans Interior

The extraordinary interior of the MAN crew cab van immediately sets it apart from the rest. The sophisticated storage concept has a place for everything you need, from work gloves to a ruler. Besides the especially large and deep storage areas underneath the entire length of the windshield, additional storage compartments or areas are mounted to the roof, above the spacious glove compartment and in the doors. The MAN TGE offers even more storage space under the folding bench seat. Practical compartments and holders are also available on the foldable seat back of the front seat passenger double seat bank. The dashboard includes two cup holders on both the driver and front seat passenger sides, two or optionally three 12V outlets, a mini jack and two USB ports. A fourth 12V outlet and a 230V outlet on the driver console are also optionally available.

The crew van can be made even more comfortable with the added extra of a Climatic Air Conditioning system or upgrading the steering wheel to a multifunctional unit. The experience for the driver can also be enhanced with additional safety features such as ‘Follow To Stop’ Adaptive Cruise Control and Speed Limiters (note a speed limiter to a max of 90 kph is fitted to all vans over 3.5 tonnes as standard.)  The TGE can ensure your workforce arrives safely and in comfort to each job.

The double cab of the TGE crew vans is far more spacious than other models on the road today. The rear seats are designed to allow a further four passengers to travel in the crew van in comfort. Furthermore, under the rear seats is a large storage compartment which can be used to either stow personal belongings or to carry extra tools for the job. 

Finance Your Crew Van

In order to really help your business, we offer a range of Finance options to facilitate the purchase of your new crew van. Whether you are looking for a leasing deal or to purchase a new crew cab vehicle outright, at Aquila Truck Centres we are committed to getting you the very best deal possible. We don’t just offer vans for sale, we want to build strong relationships with the people that are going to be using these vans, day in, day out. We want to ensure that your acquisition is a profitable one and is just as efficient for your businesses bottom line as it is for getting the job done.

Class-Leading Servicing For Crew Vans.

For many operators having the crew cab off-road for routine servicing and repairs during working hours is not an option. It is here where we at Aquila Truck Centres excel: We can service your crew van at hours that suit your business and your needs. Nobody else can offer this unique lifeline. Our ‘Uptime Principle’, existing extended opening hours, and our knowledge of how to treat a commercial vehicle customer stands us apart from others. When we service your van, you won’t be left without your essential van for days or worse weeks on end whilst it’s stuck on a ramp. We even offer an excellent three year, unlimited mileage warranties to help keep your van on the road for longer.

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