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MAN Crew Cab Van.

When you need a van that can carry more than the standard three passengers, then you need a Crew Cab Van  built on the exceptional MAN TGE model. It’s simple, The bigger your team, the faster you can get the job done. The rear bench seat in the crew cab van offers plenty of room for four additional passengers. When combined with the standard three seats, it means that you can carry seven passengers in a single van.

The Crew Cab Van offers a choice of two wheel bases and two length configurations. There are differing configurations for the body of the van – either the van can be supplied with a pre-constructed platform, or with the chassis left open to allow for additional bodybuilding to take place. Depending on the version, the vehicle length ranges from 5.96 to 7.04 meters with 2700mm to 4300mm allowed for the rest of the body. The total permissible weight is up to 5.5 tons.

The extraordinary interior of this van immediately sets it apart from the rest. The sophisticated storage concept has a place for everything you need, from work gloves to a ruler. Besides the especially large and deep storage areas underneath the entire length of the windshield, additional storage compartments or areas are mounted to the roof, above the spacious glove compartment and in the doors. The MAN TGE offers even more storage space under the folding bench seat. Practical compartments and holders are also available on the foldable seat back of the front seat passenger double seat bank. The dashboard includes two cup holders on both the driver and front seat passenger sides, two or optionally three 12V outlets, a mini jack and two USB ports. A fourth 12V outlet and a 230V outlet on the driver console are also optionally available.

Crew Cab Van Configurations.

Crew Cab Van Configuration

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