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More power and even greater efficiency: the MAN TGX proves that low consumption and high performance are not mutually exclusive. It doesn’t matter if you are driving on the motorway or are hard at work on a construction site, thanks to its numerous equipment and engine versions, the MAN TGX is perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of your transport business. This reliable and robust king of long-haul transport handles long mileage without problem – quickly and profitably.

The MAN TGX has everything on board that your business needs to make it more successful, and to set a trucker’s pulse racing: high levels of driving and living comfort, and a lot of torque, combined with low fuel use. The standard and optional efficiency and driver assistance systems are on hand to make you even more economical and safer while on the road, in a truck that is as individual as your business.


Handy Features.

RIO is MAN’s partner for the transport and logistics ecosystem. The on-board telematics module (RIO-Box) is your entry card into the world of Logistics 4.0. When you register on the platform operated by RIO, you will receive the Start-Service RIO Essentials, and your clearance for the on-board telematics module (RIO-Box). The open, cloud-based platform connects all partners along the logistics chain, integrates vehicle information with digital value-adding services and as a result, takes the efficiency of your transport processes to a whole new level.

GPS-Assisted Cruise Control
On the basis of map material stored in memory and the GPS position of the truck, it can detect uphill and downhill gradients on the route ahead of it. The system uses this data to adjust the vehicle speed continuously and efficiently. In this process, it uses the dynamic change in kinetic energy. For example, on uphill gradients, unnecessary downshifts are avoided. In conjunction with EfficientRoll, MAN EfficientCruise® can let the vehicle roll automatically in dips in the road or at the start of a downhill gradient. At least fuel consumption ceases to be a continuously fluctuating issue. MAN EfficientCruise® saves up to 9% on the fuel bills.

Fuel Efficient Engines
Long-haul vehicles should ideally have a great deal of torque, combined with great fuel efficiency. Just as you do in the new MAN TGX. In it, as soon as you turn the ignition key, you can feel the majestic power of the engine. That is because the Euro 6 version of the MAN D26 and of the MAN D38 deliver a convincing extra of engine power and more torque in all gear ratios and transmission variants (not with the 640 hp engine).

The Common Rail diesel engines MAN D20 and MAN D26 with cooled exhaust gas recirculation also have service intervals of up to 140,000 km. These engines do more than just set standards in terms of reliability and service costs.

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