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More power and even greater efficiency: the MAN TGX proves that low consumption and high performance are not mutually exclusive. It doesn’t matter if you are driving on the motorway or are hard at work on a construction site, thanks to its numerous equipment and engine versions, the MAN TGX is perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of your transport business. This reliable and robust king of long-haul transport handles long mileage without problem – quickly and profitably.

The MAN TGX has everything on board that your business needs to make it more successful, and to set a trucker’s pulse racing: high levels of driving and living comfort, and a lot of torque, combined with low fuel use. The standard and optional efficiency and driver assistance systems are on hand to make you even more economical and safer while on the road, in a truck that is as individual as your business.


The Second Generation MAN TGX

New Design / Improved Aerodynamics – New mirror housing giving a greatly improved field of vision and aerodynamics for the TGX. New wind deflection elements on the front panel, doors and front bumper improve air management around the cab and body, this decreases turbulence and improves the efficiency as well as reducing soiling along the sides of the cab. 

MAN EasyControl – The MAN EasyControl panel is located on the inside of the driver’s door, where it permits convenient operation of essential truck functions for the driver from ground level with the driver’s door open. The customer can choose between a variety of programmable buttons (from service outlet) or application-specific factory preconfigured assignments.

New Ergonomic Step Unit & Cab Entry – Large door opening angle (89 degrees) and new larger cab steps which are more central to the door opening. Also, the steps are arranged so the driver can see part of the lowest step when exiting the truck. 

New Seat Generation – The new seat in the MAN TGX has been developed exclusively at MAN to offer maximum comfort and an ergonomically correct sitting posture for all driver physiques.

New Multifunction Steering Wheel with Air Bag – Steering wheel diameter 450 mm or 500 mm (depending on equipment) New arrangement of multifunction buttons for operating driver assistance systems and infotainment. Increased adjustment range of 35 degrees with 110mm of height adjustment. In the park position, the steering wheel can be tilted completely forward to the horizontal position making it easier to move around the truck cab. 

New Fully Digital Instrumentation with 12.3- inch High-Resolution Colour Display – The driver can choose a variety of information to be displayed.  

New MAN SmartSelect Infotainment Controller – MAN has optimised the function of a rotary/push-button control specifically for use in a commercial vehicle. As well as being intuitive and straightforward to use, inputs are accurate even on bumpy roads.

New MAN Media System – with up to 12.3- inch high definition colour display offers easy to understand menu navigation and exceptional infotainment experience. 

The new MAN TGX also includes the excellent adaptive cruise control feature – MAN EfficientCruise® based on map material stored in memory and the GPS position of the truck; it can detect uphill and downhill gradients on the route ahead of it. The system uses this data to adjust the vehicle speed continuously and efficiently. In this process, it uses the dynamic change in kinetic energy. For example, on uphill gradients, unnecessary downshifts are avoided. In conjunction with EfficientRoll, MAN EfficientCruise® can let the vehicle roll automatically in dips in the road or at the start of a downhill gradient. At least fuel consumption ceases to be a continuously fluctuating issue. MAN EfficientCruise® saves up to 9% on the fuel bills. When you consider that the new Man TGX saves up to 8.6% fuel when compared to the previous MAN TGX model, thanks to the efficiency of the MAN D26 engines, the amount of fuel you could potentially save is huge. As you will expect, the new model is fully Euro 6d compliant.

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