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The MAN TGS is unparalleled in its versatility: whether in difficult short-haul or distribution transport, on the construction site, in the utilities sector or as a specialist on a tough mission, our robust all-rounder is guaranteed to impress no matter what the task. You always have all the important switches and functions to hand thanks to our new and particularly intuitive controls. And a well thought out, revised rest compartment is waiting for you following a successful tour, so that you can feel completely at home. More comfortable than ever before.

It can take on muddy forests and steep gravel tracks as easily as it can continuous efficient use on the motorways. It takes to the roads with strength thanks to its powerful drive, while its consistent lightweight construction and intelligent efficiency systems cut costs too. The MAN TGS – the strong type, which gives its all to ensuring the success of your business.


Handy Features.

Optimised fleet management thanks to digital networking
Digital networking with functions and solutions relevant to you and your business area. You will receive automatic access to all cloud-based digital services at any time, for even more efficient and comfortable fleet management, with the new on-board telematics module (RIO box).

GPS-Assisted Cruise Control
The MAN EfficientCruise® GPS-assisted cruise control system detects up and downward gradients along the route up to three kilometres in advance. This means that it can adjust the selected gear and speed to achieve optimum economy whilst driving. Downshifts are suppressed where appropriate. Thanks to innovative technology, coasting is now also intelligently controlled by means of GPS preview. MAN has here once again significantly expanded the potential for fuel savings. Even when on a slight downward gradient, the transmission automatically shifts to the neutral position “N” – but only where fuel consumption can actually be reduced.

Variable axle load ratio
Always a good move: the variable axle load ratio in the MAN TGS ensures optimal traction on the drive axle whatever the load. The axle load is distributed variably between driven and non-driven axles, ensuring the necessary tractive force can be applied optimally even on unsurfaced terrain.

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