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The MAN TGM redefines the terms economical in terms of medium to heavy duty traction: equipped with an optimised driveline, it ensures you are even more comfortable and are saving even more fuel when on the road. The innovative D08 engine saves on weight and saves you time, as well as up to 5% on your fuel consumption. Whether in distribution transport, municipal applications or on a construction site, the MAN TGM proves itself as multifaceted as your daily challenges.

The MAN TGM can be customised to fit your needs and you are able to personally combine different engines, equipment and set up variations. Also on board: the most modern efficiency and safety systems, as well as a fully modernised driver’s workplace that allows you to feel at home when out on the road. The MAN TGM has a number of talents. Its major one: driving your business.

Handy Features.

Better economy through innovative technology.
GPS controlled EfficentCruise cruise control means you consume up to 6% less fuel by proactively calculating the local topography and selecting the most appropriate speed at any time. Thanks to the MAN EfficientRoll gearbox function, the MAN TGM switches gear autonomously on slight downhill inclines to neutral position. This allows you to take full advantage of its rolling capability.

A Practical Workplace.
The operating concept in the new MAN TGM has been completely revised. The MAN TipMatic® rotary switch has been moved to the centre, making it more easily accessible. Additional switches have been grouped together by their function, and have been arranged depending on their usage frequency. Important tips and warning messages are now even easier to recognise on the new high-definition colour display; enabling you to react more quickly

Prepared For Anything

It doesn’t matter whether you would like to integrate an additional coolant compressor, a concrete pump or a compressor; the MAN TGM is ready for any attachment thanks to the preliminary setup work done in the factory to prepare for auxiliary units.

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