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The new MAN TGL is a “doer”. Just like you. No matter what you are planning to tackle, the new MAN TGL model will get to grips with it. Powerful engines, robust chassis, high load capacity: you can count on that with the new MAN TGL. In every sector, for every kind of job, and every day: the MAN TGL is an efficient partner you can rely on in every situation. If you are looking for a 7.5 Ton Truck, then look no further than the TGL.

Great For Urban Environments.


With their short wheelbases the TGL is highly manoeuvrable, and combine maximum payload with high load capacity and dynamic response. In every sector, for every kind of job, and every day: the new MAN TGL is an efficient partner you can rely on in every situation.

With the new MAN TGL you can choose between powerful 4- and 6-cylinder engines with power ratings of 118 kW (160 hp) to 184 kW (250 hp). Both are designed to be as light as possible, and are designed to reduce fuel costs, as well as maintenance time. The MAN TipMatic®,an electronically-operated gearbox, can save fuel in urban environments for you. Using various indicators, it calculates the optimal gear-shifting strategy, saves it and calls it up again in future during similar driving situations.

Cabs Designed Round The Driver.


The cab for the MAN TGL is a real miracles of spaciousness, consistently designed to facilitate fatigue-free, concentrated driving. After all, only a driver in the best of shape can produce the best performance at the wheel – and so contribute to maximum transport efficiency and reliability. In every MAN cab the driver finds maximum comfort and ergonomics.

The MAN TGL can also be adapted to suit the individual needs of the driver and is perfectly designed for comfortable and safe operation. The new high-resolution, four-colour LCD display in the instrumentation is clearly structured: coloured indicators on the 4-inch display aid readability and orientation, making it easier for the driver to spot notifications, such as activated assistance systems or warnings.

To make day to day driving that little easier, the switches in the MAN TGL have been placed according to their usage frequency and placed into usage groups to make it even easier to operate. Tips and warnings catch your eye on the HD display, letting you keep your eyes on the road.

The TGL Makes Driving Safe.

MAN Truck Parts
With innovative brake technologies, the TGL makes daily operations as safe as they are feasible.

The electronic braking system (EBS) assures superlative braking character-istics in all situations. The ABS with off-road logic can also enhance braking effect on unsurfaced and slippery ground conditions. The anti-slip control (ASC) and the electronic stability program (ESP) are standard equipment items that improve road safety. 44 percent of all single-truck accidents can be avoided by equipping a vehicle with an ESP. As even a brief moment of distraction can lead to an accident, MAN has also developed the anticipatory Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). It gives drivers an advance warning of impending collisions, providing them with valuable time to react. The system automatically initiates braking in an emergency.

The electronic lane guard system (LGS) constantly monitors the vehicle’s position in the lane. If the driver strays from the lane without activating the indicator, an acoustic warning sounds. Depending on the direction in which the driver has strayed, the loudspeaker on the left- or right-hand side emits a rumble-strip noise, which the driver intuitively understands. LGS increases the driver’s awareness of staying in the lane, thereby reducing certain hazardous situations.

Expert Aftercare.

truck servicing
For many operators having a vehicle off road for routine servicing and repairs during working hours is not an option. It is here where we at Aquila Truck Centres excel: We can service your van at hours that suit your business and your needs, Nobody else can offer this unique lifeline.

Our ‘Uptime Principle’, existing extended opening hours, and our knowledge of how to treat a commercial vehicle customer stands us apart from others. When we service your TGL, you won’t be left without your essential van for days or worse weeks on end whilst it’s stuck on a ramp.

Finance & Leasing Options.

There are numerous ways that you can finance your new TGL with us. Whether you are a fleet or a private buyer, Finance allows you to tailor your payment plan to your needs and circumstances.

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Whether you’re a fleet manager or a small business owner, the MAN TGL is the ideal 7.5T Truck to put you on the road to success. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about the TGL, book a test drive or find out about finance offers to make the ownership of a TGL a reality.