As businesses have become more and more concerned with their impact on the environment, it should come as no surprise that they are looking at their vehicle fleets to ensure that they are producing as little carbon as possible. With that, we have seen a definitive move towards businesses looking into electric vans to replace any Diesel vans that they have in their fleet.  

At Aquila Truck Centres we are addressing this demand for electric vans with our relationship with MAN. MAN is now selling a fully electric van, another step forwards in the direction of zero-emission metropolitan areas. The MAN eTGE will meet the demand for future distribution and freight transport in urban areas with its electric motor. This is  particularly crucial in  the area we service as a number of cities, such as Birmingham, Coventry and Gloucester looking at creating clean air zones in the near future. In order for businesses operating in these locations, it’s vital to change to electric vans to help move towards a carbon neutral environment and to save on excess charges for using diesel vans in these zones.

The eTGE comes will all the benefits of the award winning MAN TGE, which was voted Honest John’s Large van of 2019, and comes with the excellent customer service you would come to expect from an MAN.

electric van


With battery modules are installed directly in the vehicle chassis and have a capacity of 36 kWh. At a 40 kW charging station, the battery can be recharged to 80 % in only 45 minutes. At a wall box with three-phase supply, the MAN eTGE can be fully recharged in just about five and half hours. The cost of charging the van is around 30% less than it would cost to fill the diesel version of the van, so right away you will be saving money by converting to electric. At full charge the MAN eTGE has a range of around 160km with a payload of either 950kg for the 3.5 GVW version or 1.7t for the 4.25 GVW version.

The choice made for the electric front-wheel drive TGE was a permanently excited synchronous motor with 100 kW maximum available power. It has 290 Nm of torque at its immediate disposal. In the initial phase of the roll-out, the MAN eTGE can be ordered with the standard wheelbase and high roof.

* Currently left hand drive only. RHD coming soon.

Ready To Move To An Electric Van?

If you are considering moving to an electric van, then you need to get in contact with us about the MAN eTGE. Our team will be able to 

MAN Launch New Electric Van

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