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It is undeniable that the way we as a society approach transport is changing. With the ongoing shift towards creating a carbon-neutral society, Electric vans are quickly becoming something that all companies are looking to shift towards as they look to reduce harmful emissions produced by their day to day activities. The MAN eTGE Electric Van delivers Emission Free driving whilst also offering the award-winning functionality and efficiency that you would expect from any large van.

The MAN eTGE Offers:

  • A Payload Of 950kg With A Range Of 70 Miles At Full Charge
  •  Unrestricted Access To LEZ & ULEZ Zones
  • High-performance Functionality, Agility &  efficiency
  • Perfect For Modern-Day Traffic Patterns In City Environments & Beyond
  • 30% Cheaper Running Costs Compared To Diesel Vans

The MAN eTGE represents the Future of Vans.

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Cutting Emissions – And Costs.

It isn’t just the emissions produced by your vans that you’ll be cutting – with the switch to an MAN eTGE electric van you will also be cutting the ongoing operating costs of running your vans. With lower costs in terms of maintenance, insurance, tax and costs of operating within LEZ and ULEZ zones, the switch to electric represents an opportunity to reduce the costs of these overheads.

Not only that, the cost of energy consumption by your van is lowered by switching to electric. The ongoing price of keeping your vehicle fuelled lowers when you switch to electric and you are better protected against rising prices at the pumps. It’s estimated that charging your van fully will be 30% cheaper than the equivalent cost of Diesel.

To help make the switch to electric vans, the government also offers a net £6000 grant towards the purchase of an electric van. This grant helps you to recoup the additional costs of the purchase of a new electric van and means that you’ll be on the road to saving money far quicker. Furthermore, you can apply for a home charging grant of up to 75% of the charger install cost, with a cap at £350 included VAT.


Functional Design

The MAN eTGE sacrifices none of the award winning features that make the MAN TGE an award winning van. With a  10.7m3 cargo area the eTGE offers the same area of loading capacity as the TGE with no restrictions. For ease of loading and unloading Cargo the eTGE also comes equipped with a side loading door in addition to the rear doors. To help with entering via the rear, a full width step is also included.

The Driver’s comfort is also fully accounted for in the eTGE. In addition to a very smooth drive train and extensive driver comfort, the MAN eTGE comes equipped with an extensive range of features fitted as standard. These include:

  • Emergency Brake Assist – If the van approaches an obstacle and the driver fails to react, the EBA will alert the driver and also automatically apply the brakes in an emergency situation.
  • Side Wall Protection Assist – Sixteen ultrasonic sensors monitor the surroundings of the vehicle and alert the driver in an emergency situation. A display offers a 360 degree view and shows any potential hazards in the planned driving route.
  • Active Lane Assist – If the vehicle detects that it is unintentionally leaving a lane, the ALA intervenes in order to keep the van in the correct lane. It is automatically activated when the van reaches 65kph and can work in low light conditions.
  • Rear View Camera – A rear view camera is fitted as standard, allowing the driver to keep an eye on the area around the van on an 8 inch colour display. This helps to avoid damage and allows for a more relaxed driving experience.

In addition to these highly sought after safety features, the Etge also comes equipped with Bluetooth, satellite navigation and heated seats as standard. When switching to an electric van, you are not sacrificing anything in terms of safety and comfort.

Reliability backed by Warranty

The MAN eTGE comes with an exceptional reliability record. With the eTGE operating on European roads since 2018, the van has impressed many operators with it’s ability to offering outstanding uptime and stay on the road. Thanks to robust workmanship and MAN’s trademark efficiency, you are guaranteed to have virtually maintenance-free electric motoring. This all combines to offer a long service life with low operating costs.

Backing up this class leading reliability is an impressive eight-year or 160,000km warranty on the MAN eTGE’s battery. This gives you peace of mind that should, in the unlikely event, there be problems with the battery of your electric van, you will not need to incur further expense to get your vehicle back on the road. Further warranty packages are also available should you wish to opt for a longer operating lifespan of the van.


Engine Specifications

The eTGE is fitted with the highest power out motor currently used in an electric van, with 100 kW maximum available power. It has 290 Nm of torque at its immediate disposal.  This compares favourably to the Diesel driven TGE and means that in direct terms there is little difference in power between the two van types.