Isuzu Dropsiders

Dropside Trucks are ideal when you frequently carry bulky cargo. Isuzu’s lightweight drive away dropsiders are both versatile and reliable, offering our customers the kind of adaptability they have come to expect from Isuzu trucks. Landscape gardeners, scaffolders and plant hire companies are already enjoying the benefits of our driveaway dropsider trucks.

Choice of Sizes.

isuzu dropsider
The smaller Dropside option is built on the 3.5T Grafter Chassis and is capable of carrying a 1410kg payload. The 3.5T Model comes with 400mm single alloy dropsides with lifting catches and a 400mm alloy tailboard with lifting catches. It’s the perfect choice for smaller loads being moved around, and is very popular with builders and gardeners alike.

isuzu 7.5t dropsider
The larger option is built on the 7.5T Chassis and is capable of carrying a payload of 3864kg. The 7.5T option comes with 400mm high x 1.8mm thick double skinned aluminium planked sideboards, secured by anti-luce fasteners. The 7.5T model is geared more towards those who will be taking distances a longer distance and is favoured by Scaffolding companies, Highways and Light Haulage firms.

Packed With Great Features.

It’s not just the ability to drive away that’s amazing – the Trucks come with some great features to make your life easier!

  • Steel reinforced composite front bumper with fog and daytime running lamps.
  • Our twin rear-view mirrors are big, heated and powered, with integrated spotters. Which means it’s a case of “objects in mirror are clearer than you think”.
  • Isuzu 6 speed manual synchromesh MVC6W overdrive.

Looking For Something Bigger or Smaller?

If you are looking for either a bigger or smaller Truck with a Box body then we have plenty of options. Whilst these will not be Drive Away ready, they can be customised to whatever your needs maybe – Need a 6.5T Dropside Truck? Not a problem at all!

Get in Touch.

If you’re interested in a drive away Isuzu Dropside Truck then get fill in our contact form below. One of our team will then be in touch to discuss your needs!

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