Aquila Truck Centres are pleased to announce a new partnership with long established haulage company Bentons Haulage Ltd which will cover elements from parking, servicing and used truck acquisition as part of a 3 year deal.

Bentons Haulage was established in the 1920s and quickly became a leading Haulage Company in Birmingham and the UK. The company is a family business who have many years experience in all types of haulage and transport services. Bentons pride themselves on offering clients the very best in vehicles that are also all LEZ compatible. They are also part of the RHA Road Haulage Associate.

Under the new agreement with Aquila, Bentons will be renting part of our site at Tamworth, which they will use to park vehicles and trailers when not in use. With it’s convenient links to both the M6 and M42 motorways, as well as being 25 miles from the M1, the site is easy to get to and offers a location at the heart of the motorway network.

In addition to the parking of vehicles and trailers, Aquila are pleased to be offering Bentons the servicing of around 25 vehicles and 24 trailers. These vehicles will be serviced on an Aquila Service contract. This will mean that Bentons will get the benefit of our expert trucking servicing specialists based within Tamworth, which will keep their vehicle down time even lower – with a number of vehicles able to be serviced when they are not needed on the road.

Finally, Bentons have purchased a number of used MAN trucks from Aquila Truck Centres in the past. This arrangement will lead to an even better customer service for Bentons when it comes to acquiring used MAN trucks as the process will be far more streamlined and the trucks can be delivered straight to the Tamworth depot.

We at Aquila Truck Centres are very happy to have reached this agreement with Bentons and look forward to a fruitful three year partnership for both organisations.

Exciting New Partnership With Bentons Haulage