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If you are currently looking to buy a large van, then we know that it can be a difficult decision, with a wide range of vans for sale. When looking at the large van market there are a number of models that will jump out to people as commonly known, such as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, the Vauxhall Movano, the Volkswagen Crafter and the Peugeot Boxer which are all well-known variations of large vans. At Aquila Truck Centres we recommend looking at the award-winning MAN TGE.

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What Do We Mean By A Large Van?

Typically, when people talk about large vans, they often mean a panel van with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons. These types of vehicles are used in across the trade and business spectra, such as by delivery firms, building businesses and many, many more. A van weight of 3.5 tons can be driven by anybody with a full UK driving license, this makes operating a large van comparatively easy, with no need for a specialist licence.

Most large vans will feature a high roof, especially when compared to smaller car-derived vans. This makes them ideal for use as courier vans, where multiple items can be transported with ease. This type of van can also be used as delivery vans for larger items thanks to the large rear doors that come as standard with most vans of this size.

The MAN TGE is the ideal large van in this regard, with a loading space of up to 18.5m available. Not only does the TGE have rear doors, but it also features a side door which can allow you to load and unload the van with comparative ease. The load space in the TGE has a height of up to 1961mm, a very high roof for a 3.5t van, with a width of 1832mm and a length of 3450mm. This is larger than a comparable van such as the Ford Transit L2H2, which in it’s panel van configuration has less height, width and length when compared to an MAN TGE. Whilst the Ford Transit might be the better-known van, it simply cannot carry the same load capacity. If you’re looking for a large van to make your day to day job easier, look no further than the TGE – any delivery job becomes a lot easier!

What features should I look for in a large van?



Large Vans feature all the modern conveniences of most modern cars, which makes driving the van a pleasure on a daily basis rather than a chore. One of the most commonly requested features on these type of vehicles are parking sensors, which can assist the driver with the limited vision they might have, especially when parking on tight urban streets. However, modern vehicles have an even greater range of sensors than you might be aware of, such as lane assist, which uses sensors to detect when the vehicle is accidentally straying out of your lane, sidewall protection sensors, which can help to prevent you from scraping the van accidentally in tight spaces. There are even vehicles that are now capable of parking themselves, all you have to do is accelerate and brake and the van will park itself. This makes driving a van so much easier.

There are also more common extras such as cruise control, which keeps your vehicle and a predesignated speed and Emergency Brake Assist, which uses sensors to detect if the vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front and will automatically brake. These features can both be very important when you drive on roads where there can be a varying speed of traffic, for example on congested motorways and will help keep both you and your van safe.

A large panel van will also come with many of the comfort features that you would expect to find in modern vehicles. The MAN TGE comes with a Bluetooth connected radio and further features are available at a reasonable price. These can include features such as air conditioning, ergonomically designed seats to ensure your back is well supported whilst driving and extra 12V and 230V outlets can be added if these are needed.

Why Buy New Vans, Rather Than A Used Van.



When it comes to purchasing a new van, you can be tempted to save money by looking at used vans rather than purchasing a new van. This isn’t always the best option. Whilst it is ultimately your choice between new and used vans, and you may actually be able to find the right van for you and save on the purchase price, this tends to be a false economy.

Firstly, when you buy a used van, you can be purchasing a vehicle with plenty of miles on the clock, from our experience it isn’t uncommon to see vans with fifty to sixty thousand miles put on the clock within 12 months of it coming off the production line. Whilst it’s not always true, normally speaking the more miles a van has done, the more money needs to be spent on maintaining the vehicle. Literally, what you save on the price between a new and used van can be spent within days solving existing issues.

A new van also comes with a wide range of protections that used vans for sale do not offer. A great example of this is that the MAN TGE comes with a three year, unlimited mileage warranty. This means that for three years your van won’t cost you a penny in terms of having to shell out money for repairs. Furthermore, the MAN TGE comes with access to 24/7 servicing and repairs across the MAN network, meaning that if your van does need work, it can be scheduled around your needs and your van can be back on the road far more quickly.

Finance For A New Van

When buying a new large van we know that money can be a huge concern. It’s why at Aquila Truck Centres we offer a wide range range of finance options to best suit your businesses money situation. Again, this can be a huge advantage in terms of buying a new van, as your initial outlay may actually be lower than purchasing a used van, which you may need to purchase outright.

Low Emission Zones


Following the implementation of the first low-emission zone in London in 2018, a large number of cities are now looking to follow the example of London and implement low emission zones in their centres. In many of these cities you will be charged per day for using vehicles that do not meet a minimum of Euro 6 regulations for emissions. This can lead to businesses having to pay substantial fees to be able to enter city centres. Many used vans actually fall below the Euro 6 guidelines, which results in the restriction of free access to these areas.

The MAN TGE is fully Euro 6 compliant and can enter these Low Emission Zones for free. This can have a huge cost saving implication for a business that does a lot of work in these areas. The environmental impact is also massive, with far less harmful emissions being released into the air.

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