Aquila is committed to continually improving customer satisfaction and maintaining safety and environmental accreditations. We proactively abide by the highest standards in safety, quality and the environment and hold ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

Whilst it is not mandatory for businesses to hold ISO 9001, we believe that the rigorous procedures required in order to obtain and subsequently maintain these accreditations can only benefit our customers, suppliers and staff. They can all be confident that we are abiding by the most stringent environmental and safety standards. Not only are we concerned with the welfare and safety of everyone attending our sites, we are also actively engaged in reducing our Carbon Footprint and the environmental impact that our business causes.

We are a member of the Retail Motor Industry Federation and maintain all standards set by them in accordance with our own internal policies. All of our accreditations are maintained across the entire Aquila group of companies and we hold certification to verify this. For further information about our Accreditations contact

Health and Safety

Aquila strives to achieve excellence across every aspect of our business. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors, suppliers, indeed anyone who visits any of our sites.

As a business we seek not only to maintain the basic Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 but actually exceed it. We achieve this by actively incorporating health and safety procedures into our business management processes.

We enforce a range of procedures designed to ensure that our own rigorous standards for health and safety are maintained across all of our sites. This can include; carrying out simulated incidents, ensuring our staff understand their own obligations, regular training and conducting unannounced spot checks at our branches.

Aquila takes health and safety very seriously. We expect our staff to adhere to these standards for their own wellbeing and that of our visitors. For further information about our Health and Safety policy contact