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The new MAN TGL is a “doer”. Just like you. No matter what you are planning to tackle, the new MAN TGL model will get to grips with it. Powerful engines, robust chassis, high load capacity: you can count on that with the new MAN TGL. In the building business, in municipality services too, for foodstuff deliveries or furniture transport, in trade and commerce. Whether as a solo vehicle or an 8 and 12-ton semitrailer tractor – the MAN TGL has a solution for everything.

With their short wheelbases the 7.49 to 12-tonners are highly manoeuvrable, and combine maximum payload with high load capacity and dynamic response. In every sector, for every kind of job, and every day: the new MAN TGL is an efficient partner you can rely on in every situation. With the new MAN TGL you can choose between powerful 4- and 6-cylinder engines with power ratings of 118 kW (160 hp) to 184 kW (250 hp).

The four cabs for the new MAN TGL are real miracles of spaciousness, consistently designed to facilitate fatigue-free, concentrated driving. After all, only a driver in the best of shape can produce the best performance at the wheel – and so contribute to maximum transport efficiency and reliability. In every MAN cab the driver finds maximum comfort and ergonomics.

The cockpit can also be adapted to suit the individual needs of the driver and is perfectly designed for comfortable and safe operation. The new high-resolution, four-colour LCD display in the instrumentation is clearly structured: coloured indicators on the 4-inch display aid readability and orientation, making it easier for the driver to spot notifications, such as activated assistance systems or warnings.

Handy Features.

Better economy through innovative technology.
Helping you to increase your profits and lower your costs: the innovative efficiency systems from MAN. The GPS controlled cruise control, MAN EfficientCruise®, saves up to 6% on fuel consumption and helps you to control the vehicle more proactively.

The MAN TipMatic®,an electronically-operated gearbox, can save another 9% for you. Using various indicators, it calculates the optimal gear-shifting strategy, saves it and calls it up again in future during similar driving situations.

Optimised switch and operate system.
To make day to day driving that little easier, the switches in the cockpit have been placed according to their usage frequency and placed into usage groups to make it even easier to operate. Tips and warnings catch your eye on the HD display, letting you keep your eyes on the road.

Low Loading Level.
Due to its low frame height, the TGL truck bodies can have a particularly low loading level, making them ideal for use in distribution transport. As it is so easy to load and unload, you can get more done in a day whilst doing less!

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