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The acclaimed Isuzu Truck range has been designed for use in over 170 countries throughout the world. All of the models are proven, reliable products that are sold, driven, used and abused in their thousands day in and day out. Isuzu produces the largest amount of light to medium weight trucks compared to any other truck manufacturer in the world today and is also the biggest producer of diesel engines. The end result is a range of trucks that are durable, practical and reliable plus they enjoy the highest levels of comfort and safety features.

With a speciality in light trucks, it should come as no surprise that Isuzu have won multiple awards for their trucks over the years. The 3.5T Isuzu Grafter is frequently heralded as one of the best trucks in the world at it’s weight. This excellence is carried throughout the rest of the Isuzu Truck Range and results in you receiving a highly efficient transport solution.

The Isuzu Truck Range.


Drive Away Range.

We know that when you order a new truck the worst part can be the wait between ordering your truck and actually being able to operate it. That’s why Isuzu offer the Drive Away range of trucks which come prebuilt – no need to take a chassis cab to a bodybuilders, simply stick they key in the ignition and get to work! These Drive Away Trucks are build on a range of bodies – if you find that the weight class you are looking for isn’t covered by the Drive Away range then we will be happy to work towards a solution with you.



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